Sawtooth Relay is a fund raising event for Racing Unlimited, Inc. which is an Idaho 501c3 non-profit corporation. Between the Sawtooth Relay and the Zeitgeist Half Marathon, we typically raise about $60,000 per year with both races.  This funds pilot research projects at the Kidney Institute at the University of Kansas Medical Center to find treatments and a cure for polycystic kidney disease.

Polycystic Kidney Disease is a genetic disease that affects an estimated 12.5 million people worldwide. PKD patients develops cysts that typically lead to kidney failure.

The role of our research projects are to allow selected researchers to develop data to support an R-01 research proposal to be submitted to the National Institutes of Health. Essentially our funds are research seed money.

To date we have funded the following research projects:

“The Role of B-raf in Aberrant Cell Proliferation in Polycystic Kidney Disease”, Dr Darren Wallace

“Does Polycystin-1 Reverse Cystogenesis?”, Stephen Parnell, Ph.D.

“Calcium and cAMP Signaling Mechanisms in PKD”, James P. Calvet, Ph.D.

The Roles of Heart Polycystin-1 in ADPKD”, Xiaogang Li, Ph.D.

Prior to funding research at the Kidney Institute we donated our proceeds to the PKD Foundation. Since 2002 Racing Unlimited, Inc. has raised $511,000 for PKD research.

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The Idaho Donor Network is dedicated to educate Idahoans about the need for organ and tissue donation.

  • Over 76,544 people wait for life saving organ transplants.
  • Over 800 Idahoans await an organ transplant.
  • Over 600,000 people had life enhancing tissue transplants just last year.
  • Over 250 Idahoans in the year 2000 have had eyesight restored from the gift of cornea donation.

For more information view the Idaho Donor web site at If you decide to become an organ donor, you can complete your donor registration online!

We are working on plans for the Sawtooth Relay to be held in-person on
Saturday, June 11, 2022. We hope to open registration soon.

Before we can open registration, we need to recruit several volunteers to
manage exchange zones on the course. This assignment involves working most
of the day (or night) of the race plus meetings before and after the event.
Having experience with a road relay is a plus, but not necessary. An
exchange manager cannot participate in the relay.

If you are interested, please write to us at or
call or text 208-853-1221.

We are getting photos from our team’s virtual Runs!
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January 2, 2019

Registration for the 2019 Sawtooth Relay is open!

Veterans of Sawtooth Relay know the event needs hundreds of volunteers provided by the teams to work on race day. We also have about 25 managers that work before, during and after the relay.  Some of our managers have held these positions for most of the 17 years we have organized the relay and they are ‘retiring’.  We are looking for new managers to take their places.

If you would like to be a part of the Sawtooth Relay organizing committee, please send us an email (

Start times, volunteer assignments and the handbook are available at Bandanna Running & Walking Saturday, May 18 from 2 to 4pm.

504 W. Main Street
Boise ID 83702

Out of town teams packets will be mailed by Tuesday, May 21 at the latest.

                        MORE DETAILS

Packet Pick Up:

Saturday, May 28

10am to Noon

Bandanna Running and Walking
504 Main Street, Boise

Any team member, including the volunteer can pick up the race packet.  All packets, even the out of town team packets are available at that time.