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Runners Needed:



Find a Team:

I would love to join a team for the Sawtooth Relay. I have run this race for MANY years and it’s my favorite event. I am a 38-year-old female and run about a 8:00-8:30 pace on race day. I would be willing to run the long legs or even the hill (where my pace will certainly slow down and it’d be great to know early so I can train hills). Let me know if I can join you on race day!!

My wife is running on a team (filling an open spot), and I’d love to run the Sawtooth relay again. I’m a 49 year old runner, with about a 9:30 pace in the mountains. I’m used to running hills and trails and would love to help your team have a great race.


Hi…new to the area.

Would like to find a team. Solid 10min trail runner age 47.

Thanks Dina

Find a Volunteer:

We are a team of three couples and our team volunteer (a teammates dad) has had some health concerns come up and will not be able to volunteer for our team this year. We are looking for a volunteer and are happy to pay for your time.
Please let me know if you are interested @
Couples Retreat


Very excited to run relay! It will be a first for the majority of the team “Buzzed.” We will be coming from all different towns across Idaho and finding a volunteer has been, so far, tricky. We will chip in for lodging for our volunteer and buy you dinner. Please consider helping us out!

Amanda Gray