2020 Who’s Registered!

Solo Athletes:

Rachael Powell


Teams Registered as of 2-24-2020:

Team Number Team Name
1 Good Vibe Tribe
2 Seniors Of Mosier Valley
3 Holy Fit!  Are We Done Yet?
4 Killer Queen Bees
5 Determined Divas
6 A Running Joke
7 Bookin’ It
8 Sock ‘N’ Sole
9 The Highlanders
10 Trying To Ketchum
11 Get Outside
12 R.I.O.T
13 Prisoner of Azkaban
14 Potato Sack Racers
15 Sawtooth Savages
16 Sweat And Tears For Beers
17 J-Holes
18 Like Fun Only Different
19 Rose’ All Day
20 G-Force
21 Runners Of The Sage
22 Tortoises Of The Sage
23 Knights Of Guinness
25 Godesses Of The Sage
26 Happy Feet
27 Liar Liar Legs On Fire
28 Mantra Mountaineers
29 Cache Crew
30 Team Mohito
31 Dirty Old Fastards
32 Oh The Places You’ll Chafe!
33 Pearly Gaits
34 Snails On A Mountain
35 Pacebreakers
36 Scrambled Legs
37 Big-Mac
38 Butterfinger Boys
39 Feets Of Strength
40 Journey Of Da Feet
41 Tays Tots
42 How I Met These Runners
43 Run With Aplomb
44 Dexy’s Midnight Runners
45 Will Run For Beer
46 Running Russets
47 Crazy A’s
48 Fast But Not Furious
49 Can’t Fly
50 Ketchum If You Can, The Sequel
51 Oops, I Pooped Again
52 Drink Up Bitches
53 Tequila Blisters
54 Runnin Dust Bunnies
55 Dame Impalas
56 Building Sore Muscles
57 Balls & Dolls
58 ACME Runners
59 Fries And Ketchum
60 Tough Titties
61 Midnight Runners
62 Sprinting Spuds
63 266 Ransians
64 Run Amuckers

January 2, 2019

Registration for the 2019 Sawtooth Relay is open!

Veterans of Sawtooth Relay know the event needs hundreds of volunteers provided by the teams to work on race day. We also have about 25 managers that work before, during and after the relay.  Some of our managers have held these positions for most of the 17 years we have organized the relay and they are ‘retiring’.  We are looking for new managers to take their places.

If you would like to be a part of the Sawtooth Relay organizing committee, please send us an email (info@sawtoothrelay.com).

Start times, volunteer assignments and the handbook are available at Bandanna Running & Walking Saturday, May 18 from 2 to 4pm.

504 W. Main Street
Boise ID 83702

Out of town teams packets will be mailed by Tuesday, May 21 at the latest.

                        MORE DETAILS

Don’t Miss the Clinic on
How to Organize a Sawtooth Relay Team

Saturday, March 7

9 am to 10 am

Bandanna Running & Walking Store

504 W Main Street, Boise

Packet Pick Up:

Saturday, May 28

10am to Noon

Bandanna Running and Walking
504 Main Street, Boise

Any team member, including the volunteer can pick up the race packet.  All packets, even the out of town team packets are available at that time.